Sunday, 1 January 2012


On a joyous lovely day I snatched
Away her parents' heart
with my kin and flashy cars -
though borrowed from my folks.

On a frozen silent night I snatched
Away her long cherished flower
with my tongue and special rod -
though gently jerked with styles.

On some days of greyish leaves I snatched
her God given timeless caring smiles -
replaced with oval bearingless Aches -
though sorries took my tongue.

On the fateful day nearly I snatched
her irreplaceable pampered soul
with the passage forced ajar -
though at last she brought a life...

At His Burial Ground

On the day he said goodbye
to his friends like passer-by,
I was there with shaken heart -
for the way my friends depart…

So I had to fax his site -
to prepare for burial rite…
Then we called for Arik plane
on a night of heavy rain…

Monks appeared with chanting verse.
And they burnt my friend to ash…
And they asked for charities
to appease the deities…

For my friend to sleep in peace
with his Lord and feel His breeze…


Because I am Unique.

I yowled for days I had no food
till I met someone without tongue.
I howled for months to pay houserent
Till I watched on TV refugees.
I screamed because my boss loads me
till I met millions without job.
I bawled because I speak too slow
till I saw stammerers with B. Eds.
I shrilled because I'm blessed with rags
till I saw mad ones without clothes.
I used to screak for being alone
till I became a passerby of graveyards.
I sometimes screech because I trek
till I watched thousands without legs.
For years I squealed for seeing blackouts
till I watched babies born without eyes.
For timeless times I shriek for cash,
but now I know the rich too cry...