Saturday, 30 July 2011


Phonological Blunders in English

Abnormalities in Spoken English...

I wonder how we English speak
without a care for error peak.
And when you ask a phonics hat,
You only hear that - that is that...

I'm not a fool - I can't agree
like those that dived in Pharaoh sea -
that - one can change the 'say' to /sez/,
but never turn the 'pay' to /pez/.
They say the past of 'say' is /sed/,
but never say that 'pay' is /ped/...

I can't afford to call the 'isle'
the way I call my poetry 'file'...
But how can 'ewe' be called like 'you',
And 'p' in 'soup' is not in 'coup'?

And why is it that 'awe' is 'or'
And say that 'corps' is called like 'core'?
And how can 'rapped' be called like 'rapt';
but 'depot' kills the 't' in '...pot'?

Can you pronounce the 'whew' as 'few'
or even think of 'queue' as 'Q'?
Do you believe that 'fete' is 'fate'?
Whereas the 'mete' is never 'mate'!

We only say that 'sew' is 'sow',
but never heard that 'chew' is 'chow'!
You need look at 'show' and 'chow' -
compare to 'sow' and also 'cow'...
And how timbre becomes /tamba/,
but timber sticks to that /timba/...

The phonics hats should seat again
and put a stop to phonics pain...!


  1. Well written, but the past of dived is dove! Though that's also a bird... OK, I get your point.

  2. Thanks Benjamin... the past tense of dive can either be 'dived' or 'dove'... for more on this, check