Sunday, 11 September 2011


It is a poem of 9 lines with 11 syllables and 11 words. Two words in lines 1 and 9, and the rest with one words
See the below example titled 9/11:


A bird
way -
New World.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Dipo:           Our lives are shinning so bright
                    With hope and promises.
                    We hoped to find greener pastures
                     In our beloved country.
                     The flag of destiny is blowing for the winds.
                     Let’s taste the wine of cheers
                     And forget our fears and tears.

Jungle Poet:   The winds of Lokoja and Boko-Haram?
                     or the floods of Ibadan?
                     Bright with ties and empty purse?
                     Wine and dine with scattered home?
                      Using God to cover hope?
                      Though I stay afar from home;
                     ... here I smile at least a bit...
                     Time will come for me to come
                     Wait - I get the sword and kit...


To sail beyond the sunset,
and, alert the stars of Muse
like you, to share the blood
of Poetry in us, until we die.
''It may be that the gulfs will wash us down;
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles''


ARE POETS PHILOSOPHICAL? A Dialogue Between Lohian and Jungle Poet (Revised)

Jungle Poet:     Good Morrow
                          A new day has come.
                          Good morrow, Lohian!

Lohian:            Good morrow
                         DEAR, you got up with light in your eyes,
                         faith in your breath and might in your pen!.

Jungle Poet:     Thanks
                          So I think you did too!
Lohian:             (laughs)
Jungle Poet:     How is India today?.

Lohian:            India today is hopeless                        
                         and tomorrow too.

Jungle Poet:    Hopelessness is not for Poets!
                         By the power of words.

Lohian:            sufferings and hopelessness
                         give birth to fine poems.

Jungle Poet:    So do the happiness and enjoyment!
                         As a poet: The deeper your heart ;
                         the better you write.

Lohian:            Poet creates hope from hopelessness,
                         sure, happiness from sadness.
                         when more deep like an ocean ,
                         there won't be shallow waves!.

Jungle Poet:    What calls for SHALLOW waves?

Lohian:            Waves only appears in shallow waters, not in deep waters

Jungle Poet:    And what beautifies ocean? Only waves?
                         So do the creatures deeply in -
                         Minerals and Animals!

Lohian:            by sun, cloud and sky!

Jungle Poet:   How does the sun survive?

Lohian:          islands and corals

Jungle Poet:   Cloud and sky and horizon?

Lohian:          even small wooden fishing boats with fishermen
                       and the kissing mouth of sea towards the shores!
                       all make up beauty of ocean!

Jungle Poet:  Which one of these is better of?
                       Ask yourself a million times!

Lohian:          the sun dips himself helplessly
                       in the horizon with his red hot face!

Jungle Poet:  Stealing from others' props
                      Just to live?
                       ...With frowning face?
                       Exploiting them?

Jungle Poet:  Is that your best?

Lohian:          No! there's nothing best!
the best is an illusion!

Jungle Poet:  And imagination?

Lohian:          (laughs)

Jungle Poet:  (laughs)

Lohian:          Imagination is a wish to see
                       what you like! An unconscious wish!

Jungle Poet:  And illussion is...

Lohian:          wish=perception,thoughts,
                       feelings,critical mind etc.

Jungle Poet:  Check your two definitions:
                       'wish' is just the meeting point!

Lohian:          agree. you can beyond too as a poet!

Jungle Poet:  False idea or impression
                       is termed as none but illusion!

Lohian:          all the poets are more or less illusive

Jungle Poet:  And for 'imagination':
                       mental picture creation
                       - and ability.

Lohian:          yes, there will be abilities.
                       poets differ from each other
                       in their seeing abilities.
                       Your ability may be my weakness!

Jungle Poet:  Perhaps you mean:
                      All the poets are less illusive,
                       but more imaginative!

Lohian:          for example you are nature poet
                      You see wonder beauty of nature.
                       on the other hand another poet
                       won't see it after all!
                       I mean won't see the beauty of nature.

Lohian:          children are more imaginative than elders;
                       can we call them poet in a normal sense? NO

Jungle Poet:  hmm…So you mean... in sum,...

Lohian:          I mean, nothing. To find meaning,
                       theme, moral, etc. is absurd
                       as far as a poet concerned!
                       He writes, eats ,sleeps, loves,
                       imagines , that's all.

Jungle Poet:  Are poets not philosophical?
                      Just psychological?
                       ... you mean?

Lohian:          yes, they are, just like any body else.
                      But they have a little bit of itch on their emotions.
                      Their ass being kicked by themselves!

Lohian:          (smiles)

Jungle Poet: (Smiles)

Jungle Poet:   So you mean:
                        Poets are not open-minded?

Lohian:          It depends on the way he sees
                      the world within himself.
                      One may be or may not be.
                                              (Exaunt Lohian)

Jungle Poet: (Laughs) Wait. Lohian. More questions. Wait!
                                              (Exaunt Jungle Poet)


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Literacy Day

Learn to code and share
And decode to change the sphere -
If at all you care.