Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What I Heard From Indian Friends:

Brahma moulds and creates a being –
That is why He’s Mighty King…
When you fail to worship Him,
Shiva comes with painful cream…
When you show a sign of praise,
Vishnu lifts his smiling base…

Rama too and Lord Surya
often help like soothsayers…
Bhairav Lord and Hanuman
also flog ungrateful man…

That is why you see today –
Conscious men would never fail
to appease the Great Brahma
and request from Lord Rama…

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I Heard, I saw and I lived…

I heard: the death you stare away
will meet your sight along your way…

I heard: a man is fixed with time
and blessed with strength to coin his prime…

I heard: a man is blessed with mind
to watch the screen of earth or blind…

I heard: you frame your future bright
with hands and legs of left and right…

I heard: a man can beat the rest
with tiny tongue like teenage breast…

I saw: the grace of Mighty Being;
that He endows on human being…

I saw: and felt with free breathing -
the smiling eyes and those crying…

I saw: and felt the cupid face
with dangling breasts and queenish rays…
I saw: the rows of iron men
with combat strikes in reddish den…

I saw: a lots of man’s colour
painting a house without parlour…
I lived: a life with dignity
and faced the term – calamity…

I lived: with hope to shape my life
in such a way that smiles can dive…

I lived: with men of fading hopes -
with hatred hearts and scattered ropes…

I lived: to share with young and old,
but they opined to frown and fold…

I lived: to share my smiling face,
but sons of earth would want disgrace…

And here alone I face challenge
on how I lived my earthly age…

Monday, 15 August 2011


(Dedicated to Somalians)

The hungry land is swallowing
the helpless souls and wallowing
with frowning face and deafening drum -
beating bellies with deadly rum...

The heartless cloud and land connive
to sieze water - for man to strive
and claim the souls of young and old
with extreme hot and careless cold...

The smiling moon has gone afar;
the caring stars are now debarred;
the catering breeze is chased away
and aches has filled the night and day...

The legs cannot withstand the drought;
they only stick to what is brought
and call with tears the Mighty King
to bring relief and sudden spring...

I hear the cries of dying souls -
With pains they call for feeding bowls:
''We need your aids to live longer;
we quest for help to live better!''...

You need to lull the crying souls
and send your aids in million folds...


Under the tree -
There we display
Our game…
We are happy;
We are healthy –
Under the tree -


 -تحت الشجرة
هناك نعرض
... لعبتنا
نحن سعداء؛
 -- نحن صحية
 -- تحت الشجرة

Sunday, 14 August 2011


To join Indians in their Celebration of the 64th years of Independence -
(15/08/1947), I have a 64-lines poem written thus:

By The Jungle Poet

Heroes have tried to face the gun
to save our land and now they're gone
with hope to hear the dancing drum
of smiling eyes and new reform
but vice versa is brought in turn
by gold-diggers that share the corns
with selfish minds and heartless beings -
oppressing souls for worldly things...

Heroes had fought for freedom sake;
aliens were sent away with aches
and brought relieve to every mind
to share the smiles with living kinds;
but politics of modern days
has spoilt the fruits of freedom base -
Ranking the poor to super-poor
looting their purse to fill their store...

The gentle men of peaceful night
are none but youths with future bright
who faced the toils to go to schools
to shape their minds with earning tools.
With all their strength they tried to heave
the heroes' dream with strong belief
that once a day their road will smooth
but now today they live with sooth...

Elections call for shedding bloods -
And activists are flogged with rods;
The silent minds with beating hearts;
The ploughers’ tools are foes to earth;
Even inkers are not at ease,
And lovers too can never kiss.
Constitutions are turned over
To suit their needs and hold power
Without a fear of Human Right –
Without a care for crying sights…

They use the shrines to boost their ways
And never think to count their days
For they have bought the souls of priests
And think they’re now unconquered beasts…
They rape and kill and jail with ease;
Decrees are formed for mouth to wheeze;
They steer the land with hunger dents;
And fill prisons with innocents…

And those we called the government guards
Are just the tools to make it hard
And kill the dream of heroes past
And silent souls with deadly blast –
They lie and file against the souls
And work with courts to fill the holes
Quoting sections and subsections
In books they planned for oppressions…

Shakespearean time was filled with masks
Obama’s time has called for axes;
The public purse is blessed with tears
And masses hearts are filled with fears…
No one to speak the bitter truth
Atrocity has spread its booth
And stand at ease (like soldier’s boot -
Ready to clear the men on foot)
With Generals of soul clearing
And sharp shooters of no bearing…

And every year they gather us
For matching pass of men of force
To stab the end of alien’s rule
And mark the birth of selfish rule…

Saturday, 13 August 2011


By The Jungle Poet

''Does God exist?''
I asked myself.
Where every palm
is filled of bloods?
And every tongue
enforces tears?
Darkness and light
Are all covered
with mourning here
and everywhere...

Does God exist?
I doubt he does -
The hereafter
is just a tale...
He gives a doubt
for punishment:
He never cease
to freeze a bit
on those that cane
without reason;
The rotten hearts
are kings on earth;
the cobra tongues
rejoice around -
They never feel
a bit of cry
and never taste
a bitter soup
and yet we say
that God exists...

Thursday, 11 August 2011


                                                           Rama Khrisna PERUGU

Time of man will never go
to display the grace he has
and at times a man might grow
from his grace to even grass...

When a man is brave enough
to attack challenge in life,
all his way might first be rough,
but his end with honey hive...

Move ahead with rough and toil;
All your ways will flow like oil...

Monday, 8 August 2011


Resourceful soil
with tedious toil…

(c) The Jungle Poet  08/08/2011

Saturday, 6 August 2011


A child in need -
A child indeed.
I cherish thee
for being her key
to happiness
and peacefulness...
I know her dreams
are made by thee
by giving her
the hopeful star...
I wish I have
A child like thee
to be with me
in all my ways
and share my joy
and vice versa...
May all your days
be filled with grace
and happiness
from Father-Lord...

A child in need -
A child indeed.

Friday, 5 August 2011


Feeding back your framed letter -
When the God of all decreed;
having formed the earth and man,
that the world should feel the light
darkness said its bye to earth.
Ask your mind a simple quest:
Why does eye request for light
When itself is called the light?
Devil runs its runs in dark -
Often paint the minds with black...

Aliens brought the light to us,
but they hold the light and share
to their dogs that dance the tune
that they beat - to shape their land…
They repaint their dangling bus
and extract the blessed soil
and amass the wealth and brain
of Nija without a pay…
and the rest they call media
are their glues to blind the world
and deafen the ears of orb…

Crisis rules the South and North
just because of kolanut!
Selfishness in West and East -
rulling by the care-less beasts!
Hope the guards that opened ground
for the men of gentle night
to retrieve by force the cash
have rethought and stopped the task…
The beloved country you said
will deny to stop crying
until those we called the heads
lull their mum with folded hands…
Hunger holds the mouths of young
and it mutes the voice of old
to request for smiling stay
on their land and dancing days...

If at all YOU worship God
and you know that once a day
you’ll account for what you say,
Say the truth my lovely friend!
Stay in CAGE with hungerhood?
Eat the smoke of firewood?
If your home is not in PEACE,
Go afar to bring the EASE!
Dieing there will bring the hell
and your tears will fill the well!
POVERTY can blind the mind!
Let the truth prevail my friend!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Dear a friend I call in need,
How Nija and all her kids?
Hope you've packed the burnt bodies;
What of those unlucky souls
that her lanes have put in holes?
What about the young graduates
that giraffe to see their mates
who were born with crown on head
by the stars of stony hearts
that exploit the soils on earth?
Hope you're used to darkness night
and enjoy the blinking light.
How are those that lead shrines;
Pseudo Mallams and fake pastors?
Now I heard they live like kings
With thier lies and Satan rings...
What about the strong farmers
who are now like hungry rats...
Send regards to all the rest
that depart like east and west;
though I know the God of hope
shall be there for you to cope...

Thanks a lot for usual clues
on the hope in jungle zoos...

Jungle voice release again!