Friday, 5 August 2011


Feeding back your framed letter -
When the God of all decreed;
having formed the earth and man,
that the world should feel the light
darkness said its bye to earth.
Ask your mind a simple quest:
Why does eye request for light
When itself is called the light?
Devil runs its runs in dark -
Often paint the minds with black...

Aliens brought the light to us,
but they hold the light and share
to their dogs that dance the tune
that they beat - to shape their land…
They repaint their dangling bus
and extract the blessed soil
and amass the wealth and brain
of Nija without a pay…
and the rest they call media
are their glues to blind the world
and deafen the ears of orb…

Crisis rules the South and North
just because of kolanut!
Selfishness in West and East -
rulling by the care-less beasts!
Hope the guards that opened ground
for the men of gentle night
to retrieve by force the cash
have rethought and stopped the task…
The beloved country you said
will deny to stop crying
until those we called the heads
lull their mum with folded hands…
Hunger holds the mouths of young
and it mutes the voice of old
to request for smiling stay
on their land and dancing days...

If at all YOU worship God
and you know that once a day
you’ll account for what you say,
Say the truth my lovely friend!
Stay in CAGE with hungerhood?
Eat the smoke of firewood?
If your home is not in PEACE,
Go afar to bring the EASE!
Dieing there will bring the hell
and your tears will fill the well!
POVERTY can blind the mind!
Let the truth prevail my friend!

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