Friday, 9 September 2011


ARE POETS PHILOSOPHICAL? A Dialogue Between Lohian and Jungle Poet (Revised)

Jungle Poet:     Good Morrow
                          A new day has come.
                          Good morrow, Lohian!

Lohian:            Good morrow
                         DEAR, you got up with light in your eyes,
                         faith in your breath and might in your pen!.

Jungle Poet:     Thanks
                          So I think you did too!
Lohian:             (laughs)
Jungle Poet:     How is India today?.

Lohian:            India today is hopeless                        
                         and tomorrow too.

Jungle Poet:    Hopelessness is not for Poets!
                         By the power of words.

Lohian:            sufferings and hopelessness
                         give birth to fine poems.

Jungle Poet:    So do the happiness and enjoyment!
                         As a poet: The deeper your heart ;
                         the better you write.

Lohian:            Poet creates hope from hopelessness,
                         sure, happiness from sadness.
                         when more deep like an ocean ,
                         there won't be shallow waves!.

Jungle Poet:    What calls for SHALLOW waves?

Lohian:            Waves only appears in shallow waters, not in deep waters

Jungle Poet:    And what beautifies ocean? Only waves?
                         So do the creatures deeply in -
                         Minerals and Animals!

Lohian:            by sun, cloud and sky!

Jungle Poet:   How does the sun survive?

Lohian:          islands and corals

Jungle Poet:   Cloud and sky and horizon?

Lohian:          even small wooden fishing boats with fishermen
                       and the kissing mouth of sea towards the shores!
                       all make up beauty of ocean!

Jungle Poet:  Which one of these is better of?
                       Ask yourself a million times!

Lohian:          the sun dips himself helplessly
                       in the horizon with his red hot face!

Jungle Poet:  Stealing from others' props
                      Just to live?
                       ...With frowning face?
                       Exploiting them?

Jungle Poet:  Is that your best?

Lohian:          No! there's nothing best!
the best is an illusion!

Jungle Poet:  And imagination?

Lohian:          (laughs)

Jungle Poet:  (laughs)

Lohian:          Imagination is a wish to see
                       what you like! An unconscious wish!

Jungle Poet:  And illussion is...

Lohian:          wish=perception,thoughts,
                       feelings,critical mind etc.

Jungle Poet:  Check your two definitions:
                       'wish' is just the meeting point!

Lohian:          agree. you can beyond too as a poet!

Jungle Poet:  False idea or impression
                       is termed as none but illusion!

Lohian:          all the poets are more or less illusive

Jungle Poet:  And for 'imagination':
                       mental picture creation
                       - and ability.

Lohian:          yes, there will be abilities.
                       poets differ from each other
                       in their seeing abilities.
                       Your ability may be my weakness!

Jungle Poet:  Perhaps you mean:
                      All the poets are less illusive,
                       but more imaginative!

Lohian:          for example you are nature poet
                      You see wonder beauty of nature.
                       on the other hand another poet
                       won't see it after all!
                       I mean won't see the beauty of nature.

Lohian:          children are more imaginative than elders;
                       can we call them poet in a normal sense? NO

Jungle Poet:  hmm…So you mean... in sum,...

Lohian:          I mean, nothing. To find meaning,
                       theme, moral, etc. is absurd
                       as far as a poet concerned!
                       He writes, eats ,sleeps, loves,
                       imagines , that's all.

Jungle Poet:  Are poets not philosophical?
                      Just psychological?
                       ... you mean?

Lohian:          yes, they are, just like any body else.
                      But they have a little bit of itch on their emotions.
                      Their ass being kicked by themselves!

Lohian:          (smiles)

Jungle Poet: (Smiles)

Jungle Poet:   So you mean:
                        Poets are not open-minded?

Lohian:          It depends on the way he sees
                      the world within himself.
                      One may be or may not be.
                                              (Exaunt Lohian)

Jungle Poet: (Laughs) Wait. Lohian. More questions. Wait!
                                              (Exaunt Jungle Poet)


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