Sunday, 30 October 2011

Message to the Septagenarian Poet President:

 From A Poet Without Border

“Latest news, The Jungle Poet!
Muse has raised a president
In a land of Commonwealth;
He appeared as ninth elect,”
Said on phone a sophist friend.

As I heard the sweetest news,
I was moved to call for dews
On the soil of Ireland
And alert the poesy band
To prepare to aid Higgins
In his steer of Irish beings.

Minds of poets are borderless –
They assist the powerless
And deny the tyrant beasts
To display their victory feasts.
That is why Higgins arose;
With the Muse and Ixchel’s rose
To reshape the squeezed parole –
And assure the Irish souls
That his term will strongly stand
For the beat of oneness band;
That his term will bomb the base
Of the minds of racist face;
That his term will stand for all
And the base will never fall;
That his term will cure the minds
And the brains of rotten kinds;
That his term will stand for peace
And the ease with common kiss;
That the land will not regret
To have made a poet the head…

I am proud to be a poet;
I can say I’m President;
I can say I’m born to rule;
I can say I’ve won the race;
I can say I lift the base
For the rest of human race –
Thanks a lot the Irish Poet.
May your term be blessed with ‘wealth’!

Mutiu Olawuyi

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