Monday, 25 July 2011


Poetry began with the Muse
from the day the mind was raised.
Asia and Rome on the race
with their eyes like Buttler Yeats
Pariarch, Wordsworth; Allan Poe
Williams, Marlowe and Li Bo
and the rest from jungle zones;
but the death denied their inks
and debarred their lyric blinks
to release and flow for life
with the minds that rescue lives.

As the age of jet arrived,
narrow minds were changed to wide
to replace the taken souls
and refill the lyric holes -
That is now the time we live...
though a day we'll also leave.
Now we are tagged the Butler Yeats;
to rebounce like rocky beats...

Time will come and inks shall dry
and the pen will also die;
Death will soon request for us
and replace the poesy bus...

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